5 myths about Latine food

bowl with lime and cilantro

Latine Heritage Month is going on! Part of that means I have to debunk a lot of myths around the foods we grew up eating. The biggest myth being that our foods are not healthy or nutritious. That is simply not true and in the post we’ll discuss five reasons why it’s not!

My 1st month as an employed Registered Dietitian

If you would have told me by first job after becoming an Registered Dietitian would have been in the middle of a pandemic and a revolution I would have laughed IN YOUR FACE. Never in my life could I have pictured such a painfully unique experience but that was and is my reality.  I started […]

Top 5 Foods to Keep in Your Pantry

A well stocked pantry is the basis of a great meal. I’ve gone through my cupboards and reflected on some of the most essential foods that I think are key to making a nutritious meal in a dash. While this list reflects things I like to keep on hand, as you become your own jefa […]

5 Tips For Success in the Kitchen

Home cooking is becoming the norm these days, we’ve outlined some quick tips that you can use every time you step into the kitchen. These tips will help you be successful every time you step in the kitchen.

Mental Health Resources

Here’s a list of Mental Health resources that you can refer to, this will be updated periodically.  PLEASE NOTE: This list should not be used in substitute of medical attention from your primary care physician and medical team. If you’re experiencing any concerns contact your medical team for help. Speaking with your doctor Finding a […]

New Name, What’s Up?

It’s been brought to my attention that I never took some time to explain why we changed our name and what we are planning for the future. So allow me to reintroduce ourselves as LOVE YOUR CHICHOS. It’s been about 13 months since we changed the name. There was quite some hesitancy as we let […]

20 TV shows to watch during Quarantine

Now more than ever I’ve been watching TV. I’ve never really had time to watch this much stuff on the big old box because I’ve always either been working, studying, or working and studying. But, now that I passed the exam and am waiting on my first job to start I have been finding myself […]

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Sometimes I get these food ideas in my head and if I have enough energy I give it a try. This lasagna was one of those things. I only recently started eating Buffalo Chicken Dip and so I thought why not put it in a lasagna. I did a quick google search and saw that […]

Quarantine Cooking

I, like many of you, have been doing a lot of cooking during this quarantine, paired with a lot of blogging and planning for the rest of the year cooking is something that’s bringing me joy and a sense of purpose while I try to navigate the emotions of the pandemic. I am trying to […]

Becoming a Dietitian

We love making healthy fun para todos, but we also love making studying fun, if that’s even possible. I’m working on a series of blog posts for the nutrition student who is on their way to becoming a dietitian. These posts reflect all the things I wish I had when I was on my way […]

Recipe Review: Cardamom Pistachio Carrot Cake

Baking has been a source of comfort for me during the times of quarantine. I stumbled upon this recipe from Bon Appetit and I had so many shelled pistachios sitting in the pantry from God knows when so I figured why not give it a try! And let me tell you, I was not disappointed, […]