I'm Zariel, latina dietitian helping folks love their Chichos and ditch la dieta. I am an educator, creator, speaker and wellness leader.

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The world is filled with mixed messages on how to “live a healthy life”. Whether it’s trying new diets or going on an intense health kick, it can be so stressful and confusing.

Here we focus on the opposite, we focus on you. We help you ditch la dieta and start to live, eat, and move in tune with the way you enjoy.

what makes the comadre community special?

Our work is driven by helping folks navigate their food freedom journey and be the best versions of themselves by living for themselves!

As a latina working in health care I know how important it is to share and empower our communities to live authentically.

With our work I highlight the ways our culture can be celebrated in health and work away from diet culture so you can be in tune with your body's natural intuition.

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