meet the ¡No More Chichos! team


Zariel Grullón, RDN

I love food, for real. What I love more than food is helping others learn about food, health, and growing healthy relationships with themselves. My interests lie in addressing health disparities through health education, while making health fun and accessible to all. ¡No More Chichos! is a dream come to life as I get to work with my sister and connect with people helping them be their best selves. One of my favorite food mantras to live by is: eat food, not too much, mostly plants!


Jenies Grullón

I love learning new things, going to the gym, spending time with family, and watching some good movies! I am a certified health educator specialist and I am passionate about the healthcare and preventative medicine. I am a medical student and aspire to practice in family medicine or oncology. I look forward to developing lasting relationships with people during the health journey in sickness and in health (hopefully more of the latter). My favorite quote is: Be kind for everyone you meet is facing a battle you know nothing about.

who we are
We are hermanas, daughters of Dominican immigrants and science lovers. Jenies is studying to be an MD and Zariel is a newly licensed RDN. 

Our Approach

Our Story

whats the goal?

In short, we want to make healthy fun, para todos. We're doing this by sharing our experiences while hoping to inspire them to take the lead in their own life!

what we do

  • We blog, cook, study and share as much info as we can to our comadre community 
  • We host events that bring comadres together
  • We facilitate workshops on a variety of topics 

why the name?

Chichos, means love handles and is a term used to describe women who may have a little more weight on them than they should, in the eyes of their community. We thought why not take a word that is often used to make us feel shame in our bodies and say no more!

No more guilt, shame, or restrictions as we transition to healthier living. We reclaimed the word for ourselves and aim to empower you to reclaim it as well!

wanna chat?

Whether it's a private event, a workshop request, or if you want to work with us online. Feel free to connect with us today!