Meet Zariel!

Zariel Grullón, RDN, CDN

Hi I'm Zariel a Latina Dietitian located in NYC and virtually! I help folks ditch la dieta and love their chichos through one on on counseling and nutrition coaching. I focus on healing your relationship with food so you can live your most authentic life.

A little bit about me:

I have worked as an outpatient dietitian helping clients reach their goals using a weight inclusive approach. I've also co-faciliated patient support groups using the Health at Every Size framework. I have an extensive background in community nutrition from the farm to the classroom. My weight inclusive approach helps you focus on establishing the connection and trust within your body to ditch la dieta for good!

I have a BS in Biology and Nutrition and completed my DI at CUNY School of Public Health.

why the name?

Chichos, means love handles and is a term I often heard in regards to my own body. As a Latina who was always bien Gordita, my chichos were always getting pinched and discussed! Through a long journey of learning to love myself I knew how it important of a step it was to love my chichos to heal my relationship with self. It is with that love that I center the work around everything I do here, because I've been there. I've been there and became a dietitian to help you come home to yourself too, by ditching la dieta and loving your chichos!

what I do

  • blog, cook, study and share as much info as I can to our comadre community 
  • host events that bring comadres together
  • one on one nutrition coaching and counseling

Ready to ditch la dieta? 

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