5 Tips For Success in the Kitchen

Home cooking is becoming the norm these days, we’ve outlined some quick tips that you can use every time you step into the kitchen. These tips will help you be successful every time you step in the kitchen.

Cocinera to Jefe de la cocina

Introducing our Cocinera to Jefa de la cocina series! We’ve designed this series for all the homecooks out there looking to be the boss of their kitchens. We’re sharing tips and tricks to make life in the cocina easier and to enjoy life outside of it even more. We’re working on this project in real […]

Recipe Review: Creamy Cajun Pasta with Chicken and Andouille Sausage

I was craving a creamy pasta but I didn’t know what kind for quite some time, at least 3 weeks. I headed to pinterest and typed creamy sausage pasta and stumbled upon this recipe from Cooking with Cocktail Rings. I knew I wanted to use some heavy cream because I never cook with heavy cream […]

Using Social Distancing to Learn

Amongst the many things I’m doing to remain calm during COVID-19 one of them is learning. I am totally taking advantage of all the free classes and webinars going on at the moment. I’ll be listing them as I find them right here. Check back often for new classes and the like. Have some classes […]

5 Ways to Make Your Study Material YOURS

Studying for the exam can be exhausting. Especially if you’re reading the material over and over again and it just doesn’t seem to stick. I struggled with this during my studies and I am hoping to help you feel better than I did. A key study strategy that really helped me while I was studying […]

20 Dietitians you should know about!

Today is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist day and my first one as an RDN! To celebrate I’ve gathered a list of some, not all, the RDs that are making a splash on the online world as RDs. Each one tienen su propio sazón, so make sure to check them all out, give them a follow and let […]

Links from the ‘gram!

Thanks for stopping by from the ‘gram, sssheckout the links below: NEW BLOG POST – My 1st month as an EMPLOYED RD BLACK LIVES MATTER Here’s what I’ve been cooking during Quarantine Sign up for our LIVE with Latina Nomad!– April 30th @8pm Cocinera to Jefa de la Cocina So you didn’t match Recipe Review […]

Back to School, Back to Cooking

School’s back in session which means a lot of us are back to cooking meals on the stove, sticking to routines, and getting a little flustered with what to cook. We’re here to arm you with some delicious, budget friendly meals that you can add into your school week and save you some time. We’ve […]

15 things I like to do when I need a little extra self love

Sometimes life knocks you all over the place to remind you to pause and love yourself. Below’s a list of my favorite things to do when I’m a little down in the dumps and need to remind myself, “oye comadre, it’s okay, it’s just one day, take a breather and love yourself!” 1. Take a […]