Top 5 Foods to Keep in Your Pantry

A well stocked pantry is the basis of a great meal. I’ve gone through my cupboards and reflected on some of the most essential foods that I think are key to making a nutritious meal in a dash. While this list reflects things I like to keep on hand, as you become your own jefa […]

5 Tips For Success in the Kitchen

Home cooking is becoming the norm these days, we’ve outlined some quick tips that you can use every time you step into the kitchen. These tips will help you be successful every time you step in the kitchen.

Cocinera to Jefe de la cocina

Introducing our Cocinera to Jefa de la cocina series! We’ve designed this series for all the homecooks out there looking to be the boss of their kitchens. We’re sharing tips and tricks to make life in the cocina easier and to enjoy life outside of it even more. We’re working on this project in real […]

Back to School, Back to Cooking

School’s back in session which means a lot of us are back to cooking meals on the stove, sticking to routines, and getting a little flustered with what to cook. We’re here to arm you with some delicious, budget friendly meals that you can add into your school week and save you some time. We’ve […]

How to Shop for your Meal Prep

You’re almost done! You’ve learned what meal planning is and how to meal plan. Now it’s time to put everything to test and head to the store. Before you do that there’s a few things you should do first! Make a list Eat a meal Download store apps/look for coupons Go shopping!

How to Meal Plan

If you want to learn how to meal plan you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn our quick tips o how to meal plan. If you don’t know what meal planning is, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! The most important thing to do when it comes to meal planning is to […]

What is Meal Planning?

Meal planning is asking the question “what’s for breakfast, dinner, or snack?” everyday for the whole week, and then getting all the things you need for those meals and preparing them as needed for the week ahead. Check out the first video in our Meal Planning 101 series where we go over what meal planning […]

Meal planning can help you stay healthy during the holidays!

The holidays are approaching and in between the endless supply of treats at your office, celebrations with your framily and the many treats that fall in our laps, it’s hard to stay healthy- let alone worry about cooking! Lucky for you we have one thing that will help set you up for success during the […]