New Name, What’s Up?

It’s been brought to my attention that I never took some time to explain why we changed our name and what we are planning for the future.

So allow me to reintroduce ourselves as LOVE YOUR CHICHOS.

It’s been about 13 months since we changed the name. There was quite some hesitancy as we let go of no more chichos and moved towards *love* but I think it was well worth it!

Besides everything going on in the world a lot has happened in our personal worlds, and a lot continues to as well. So let’s get into that!

Jenies started medical school 3 years ago and gave me full control of the brand because our baby doctora does not have the time! Like most of us she got a pet during the pandemic. Meet my fur niece, Mikasa. Jenies is still around but very much in the background until further notice and for now, I’m in charge!

The past few years, like many of us, were full of changes. I went back to work in June of 2020 (almost 4 months after passing the RD exam), I also got a dog during lockdown, and if you follow us on social media I’m sure you’ve seen her, her name is Tuna! I got on tiktok (recently reached 15k!). I started going to therapy again and I started RadiCare with a friend, more on that in another post. With all these changes both in my personal life and the way that I was building a relationship with myself, my clients at work, and the comadre community, the name of No More Chichos was not in alignment with me or the values we hold.

I tried to spin it for quite some time but at the core it just didn’t feel right.

As I leaned more into my spirituality during the years of the pandemic I learned more and more the importance of love. Love is the core of what we are as beings. Love is what we come to earth to remember. Love gives us the hope to continue living. Love is also a path towards freedom.

Learning to love yourself, in a world that has taught us to hate ourselves is an act of defiance. An act that says efff you to the world and I’m going to love me and you’re going to have to deal with it. When it comes to your chichos, or our body, we know that radical self love is a step towards body liberation, but it is not the only way. For me, body liberation entails access to healthcare, access to food, fair wages, housing, and much more! So while learning to love your chichos, learning to love your body, learning to ditch diet culture, learning to hear and honor your body, is important, it’s just a piece of the puzzle towards liberation. A piece I am honored to help you put together.

As we continue along on the journey towards liberation I want to thank you for sticking along through all of our stages of acceptance, healing, and love. And with that, I officially welcome you to LOVE YOUR CHICHOS.