Top 5 Foods to Keep in Your Pantry

A well stocked pantry is the basis of a great meal. I’ve gone through my cupboards and reflected on some of the most essential foods that I think are key to making a nutritious meal in a dash. While this list reflects things I like to keep on hand, as you become your own jefa you’ll have better judgment of what works for you but this is a good start.

I don’t suggest running out and buying all of this in one trip, rather building up to these staples over time.


This grain is a staple in my home because it can be a lifesaver in the kitchen. A bowl of plain white rice can ease tummy troubles for both you and your pups as well as serve as a companion to many proteins.

I like to keep a variety of rice in my pantry so I can mix it up between whole grains like brown or wild rice and refined grains like white rice. Add to soups, pair with your favorite beans, transform into dessert, think arroz con leche, freeze leftovers for quick meals and most of all stir fry!


Dried or canned, this plant based protein is the perfect addition to your pantry. Enjoy them alongside grains, in soups, thrown into salads, made into dips and even enjoyed as a salsa. My favorite salsa to make with beans is a black bean corn salsa.

Canned Seafood

Often overlooked a can of fish can be your best friend when you’re in a pinch. Transform a can of tuna into a tuna salad, pasta salad and even tuna melts.

Canned Salmon is great cooked with some onions and tomatoes to serve along grains and can also become salmon cakes which pair deliciously with a simple salad. Bonus: don’t overlook the anchovies for dressings and toast!


A breakfast staple, oats are more than just your bowl of oatmeal. Add them to smoothies for a more filling beverage and toss them into meatloaf for a whole grain binder. Oats can be eaten raw when soaked overnight for overnight oats and also used in baking. When you’re out of flour you can make oat flour in a pinch, throw some in a blender or food processor and blend until it’s a fine powder.

Canned Tomatoes

Talk about life saver in a can! Canned tomatoes can be used for more than just your signature pot of chili. Throw some tomatoes in with your favorite cooked grain (think, rice, quinoa, and bulgar). Use them to make a sauce for pasta or eggplant parmigiana, in soups like a chicken tortilla soup and even for salsas like pico de gallo.

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Is there a pantry staple that you keep in stock that we missed? Let us know in the comments!