#1 Lesson from Mami

It’s Mother’s day! Growing up we’ve been blessed to have many mother figures. From our titis, to our parents close friends and compadres, to our neighbors, we had a tribe of women watching and guiding us as we grew up and continue to glow up. With our whole tribe of woman supporting us the one that brought us here was our mother.

some of the women that raised us
(I thought Jenies was in this photo)

We are so grateful for our mother, we could write a whole book about her and her life’s journey..but we’ll save that for another day. One of the things we are most grateful for however, are all the lessons our mother instilled in us since we were tiny. I remember being no more than 5 or 6, growing up in Jackson Heights where I learned my first lessons in life. Stealing is bad, lying about it is worse! That’s also a story for another time. However one of the most important lessons that’s resonated with me through my life has been “the worst you can get is a no.”

The worst you can get is a no.

It’s so simple I had to repeat it twice. Really meditate on that little sentence “the worst you can get is a no.” I love this mantra because it really sets you up for success and prevents you from being in analysis paralysis when you’re trying to do something. It helps to put the fire in your butt and do whatever the thing is you want to do because in reality, the worst you can get is just a no. A no is fiiine, nothing to take personal, nothing life altering (ha tell that to me when I didn’t match to the DI both times), it’s also not always final, it’s just a no. A no and you keep pushing forward. But living your life in the ‘what if’ and the fear of not doing something because you don’t know what it’ll get you or what people will say or how they will think. That’s real pain. Living in this space of doubt forces you to hold yourself back in ways you can only even imagine.

So I challenge you, think of something you’ve been wanting to do, ask for, aim for, apply for, whatever… and do it, knowing that the worst that can happen is you just get a no.

Let us know your favorite lesson from your mother in the comments below.


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