Easy Tips to Workout Anywhere!

We shared a picture of some of our favorite tools to use when we are working out at home, on the go, and even outside. We saved the details for you right here in this post! Keep reading to see our favorite tools and resources to get you moving.

Our favorite tools

Besides using your own bodyweight sometimes tools, like the ones mentioned below, can be used to help make your workouts more fun!

A Yoga Mat

While this is totally optional we like having a mat to give some cushion to our feet, hands, and knees when we are going work on the floor. We also enjoy the feeling of rolling out the mat and setting the vibe for our workout. It doesn’t really matter what mat you get. Stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx usually have good mats for cheap but any mat will do.

Resistance Bands

We love resistance bands! They are lightweight, easy to travel with, and are HARD! Some of them really feel like weights when you use them. While these often get marketed as tools for “booty workouts” don’t believe the hype. You can also use them to get a total body workout. Just yesterday I did this 30 min total body workout and it was a killer, the last move was a straight up NO for me dawg. Check out the video below.


Sliders are fun, also optional tool you can use to workout out home. Alternatives to sliders are paper plates, napkins, and towels. These are great for ab workouts, leg and booty work, plank work (also your abs). The specific one we use can be found here. Check out the video below to see how to put these to work.

Jump Rope

We love a good jump rope to incorporate some cardio into our movement routine. Just like the bands this is easy to carry and can be used almost anywhere!


There’s so many amazing content creators who dedicate their time to making amazing videos and guides for folks to workout to! I’ve gathered a few of our go-to’s for you to try out and even some new ones I’ve found since we’ve been social distancing.


If you know us you know we love Yoga with Adrienne

For a quick session to get you going Jessamyn Stanley’s 8-Minute Yoga for Self-Love

If you wanna twerk it out check out Super Hero Fitness TV

There’s also hundreds of Zumba videos so you can dance with mami.

Looking for a quick ab workout, check this video out.


There’s some amazing instagrammers who always share fun workouts, check out some of the ones we follow or have come across below:

The Qii to Fitness

Jenno Fit

Jen Rey


Fit For a Better Me

Dance Church

Yourself and a Positive Mind

Whenever you’re trying to incorporate more movement into your life it’s important to be patient and kind with yourself. Working out, movement, or physical activity (whatever you wanna call it) should be a celebration of the things your body can do. It shouldn’t feel like a chore and shouldn’t bring you stress. If it does, it might be useful to think of other ways that you can get moving that “spark joy” like dancing, biking, swimming, etc.

And that’s pretty much it!

These are our favorite tools, pretty simple and very transportable. As always before starting a new fitness routine it’s important to talk to your primary care physician or your licensed medical provider.

Before you go, leave us a comment. What are your favorite tools to use when working out at home or away from the gym? Is there a fitness account we should be put on to? Let us know!

Stay healthy and safe !