Why it’s so hard sticking to your workout

Okay, we’ve all been there, heck I’m there right now. It’s a random Tuesday morning, you’re rushing to get out the bathroom and embarrassingly make eye contact with the floor dust collector formally known as the “scale.” Seems like a decent time to weigh yourself, you step up, look down and see that dreadful number: 182, 165, 142, for me it was 150. How?! Three years ago I said I wanted to be fit, the healthiest I’ve ever been and instead I’m here at my heaviest. You step off the scale, a mixed salad of emotions (ha salad)..disappointment, regret…hunger… But you promise yourself that you will eat healthier and work out starting……….tomorrow. You decide to move along your day, go to work, go to class but most importantly stuff your face with all the foods you “won’t be able to eat tomorrow.” And you forget all about that number cause that’s tomorrow’s issue.

But then tomorrow comes…dun! dun! dun! Maybe you start off with a “healthy” breakfast but some time midday you are finding it hard to ignore a craving, you give in and decide the next day would be better…or maybe Monday! Monday is perfect, that’s a fresh start. I’ll start Monday you tell yourself and spend the rest of the week eating all the things you can’t have once Monday comes around. But haven’t you done this for weeks? Months… years! I know, I have. But why? Before we (you) can come up with any solutions we have to figure out why?

Here are some of the top causes for this perpetual cycle we all fall victim to!

1.     Cravings!!!

2.     Feeling embarrassed at the gym, either of your body or your routine

3.   Innately avoiding the discomfort that comes with exercise and dieting

4.     Don’t have the time or lack of time management

5.     Hate working out

6.     Don’t want to mess up your hair

7.     Financial constraints

8.     Lack of motivation

9.     Travel constraints

10.  Disability/Medical condition

11. Lack of confidence in your workout routine, or just being at the gym in general

Thinking of your health and physical fitness as a long-term goal, not short-term is key! Then begin by identifying what are the causes for your lack of motivation or consistency in obtaining your fitness goals. Your next step? Check back in next week where we’ll discuss some solutions in our blog!