If you didn’t match and you read our previous post you’re probably here for some resources. Not matching is just a minor setback on your road towards becoming a dietitan, don’t be so hard on yourself and put some of these resources to use.

Thank you to Dina who shared these amazing resources with us!

First things first.

Figure out what to do from where you are right now and what you want your end goal to be–whether that is working in clinical, fitness, community, etc., and/or completing a master’s degree (which will be mandatory for RDs in 2024).

Do your research.

Find people who have your dream job and either research how they got to where they are now or send them a note asking for 15 minutes of their time to learn more about their path in life. If you learn more about what their career entails, and if you can follow their guidance by gaining similar experiences, you will be a more desirable candidate in the long run while paying your bills in the short-term.

Use social media.

Yes, SOCIAL MEDIA IS A RESOURCE!  Dina states that she’s met most of her  health and wellness colleagues–now friends–on Instagram and Twitter and has landed jobs because of her connections on LinkedIn. If you’re not using social media, you might be missing out on some great opportunities and we agree!

Dina’s Resources:

Dina shares that you should “visit these job sites regularly to get an idea of what’s out there for non-RDs, what keywords they use, and what skills/experience they’re looking for, and then build your application and résumé around that information to promote yourself as the ideal candidate, this will be handy when you’re ready to look for a job.”

  • Get certified, costs more but could be worth it! I
    • ACE Fitness
    • Precision Nutrition (these folks aren’t just sports/fitness; they have an RD putting their curriculum together for them; they come VERY CLOSE to doing MNT without actually doing MNT)
    • NASM

Keep an eye out for things like this, where you could attend a one-day workshop or something similar and then be qualified to teach a CDC-run or other major organization’s nutrition ed curriculum without needing ANY related degree or credential.

Lastly, Dina shares that you should  get familiar with the guidelines and learn which states don’t have RD title protection, meaning you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, as long as it’s not true Medical Nutrition Therapy. Additional information on state licensure and title protection can be found here.

Let us know which resources you use and good luck on your journey! As always feel free to connect with us for questions and support.