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We were on "The New York Dose" Listen to us chat about health and wellness. Part A. Part B.

lo que están diciendo

"I love how knowledgeable they are and really enjoy the incorporation of meditation at the beginning of all their events"- Leomarlis

"I'd never heard of a clothing swap but when I was invited to attend it was great! I was able to bring clothes to donate and left with a few pieces of my own." - Mariely

"¡No More Chichos! makes great handouts that I can reference, my favorite one was the How to make a smoothie, it's a perfect visual to help me make a smoothie perfectly every time" - Tiff

"The ¡No More Chichos! I went to was so much fun! Being around strong, positive women just enjoying each other's company is something I'll never forget." - Cindy

"I loved the feeling of empowerment and camaraderie at the event I attended. There was nothing but positive and encouraging energy throughout the whole vision board creation process which helped me feel accomplished at the end." - Mayra


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