I am Zariel Grullón, RD – Food Freedom Dietitian, Wellness Educator, Creator, and Speaker.

My love for, love your Chichos is rooted in my love for self. Growing up I was taught that my body was not good enough. “If I just lost a few more pounds then I would love myself enough” was always the rhetoric. That all changed when I stopped listening to others and started listening to me.

As a dietitian nutrition is a tool that I use to start the conversation and get the healing ball rolling so that we can all learn to live in true food freedom.

Making health information fun, relatable and accessible to our communities is something that keeps me motivated to help us all reach our best and most authentic selves!

I am Jenies Grullón – Medical Student, Health Educator, and Speaker.

I love learning new things, going to the gym, spending time with family, and watching some good movies! I am a certified health educator specialist and I am passionate about healthcare and preventative medicine.

I am a medical student and aspire to practice in family medicine or oncology. I look forward to developing lasting relationships with people during the health journey in sickness and in health (hopefully more of the latter).